The Blood is on Your Hands

“The Blood is on Your Hands” is a series of works that are intensely personal and explore the profound emotional and psychological impact of child abuse and the resultant loss of self.

At once hauntingly beautiful, the works take on a sinister undertone by their allusion to something darker having taken place, leaving the viewer doubting the apparent calm and beauty of the image. Why is a child’s toy left abandoned and floating in a pond?

A child’s toy is a symbol of innocence, playtime and ultimately happiness but this association is completely revoked by its placement in the solitude of the landscape.

What has taken place in the scene prior to the photograph being taken?

This series has been inspired by the experiences of those who are closest to me.

  • These photographs are available as pigment on Hahnemuhle cotton rag
  • Sizes 150 x 120 cm or 100 x 80 cm
  • Limited edition of 7 prints + 2 artist proofs
  • Contact me for pricing and availability

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