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Hi guys, thanks for stopping by my site. It’s fair to say that you’re probably here because you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer. A wedding photographer complete with incomprehensible skills, an alluring beard and the ability to make you look 13.8 years younger. I used to be that guy. Ok, perhaps I didn’t possess all those abilities, I was however a wedding photographer and a bunch of people even enjoyed my work enough to fork over their hard earned dollars for my button pushin’ skills. Unfortunately the time in my career has come whereby I’m leaving wedding photography in order to focus (bad pun) on my landscape photography. Shooting landscapes drew me to photography in the first place, yet I have slowly drifted away from them as I got caught up with weddings, commercial work and everything else I’ve done over the years. It’s certainly a tough road making a living selling landscape photography, it is a road however that I must go down.

Alas! Your visit to my wedding photography site is not in vain! I have compiled a list of Sydney wedding photographers that I recommend checking out. Most of them shoot weddings in Sydney, throughout Australia and internationally so please get in touch with them regardless of where your wedding is. The list is in no particular order. Some of the photographers shoot in a style similar to myself, some are completely different. I encourage you to take the time to check out all the photographers and hope that somewhere within this list you find a wedding photographer that ticks all your boxes. Whilst I’m sure most of them won’t have a beard anywhere near as alluring as mine they all know their way around a camera!

And now to the list. Again, it’s in no particular order, there are some amazing wedding photographers lower in the list so please take the time to check them all out! Best of luck. Samuel.

Rachael Muller

Jack Chauvel

Michael Ralph
I Love Wednesdays
Robert Meredith
Olga Kowalski

Vincent Lai

Eclektic Photography
Firefly Images
Grant Davenport

Alma Photography

Jo Bartholomew
Candice Campbell Photography
Fiona And Bobby
James Frost
Lara Hotz
Photography By Marko
Matthew Mead
Lumsdaine Photography

Sarah Story

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Well, 2012 has been a rather fierce year, between the death of my mum and my own health issues I have been forced to step back and reassess the direction my career is heading in. When I first fell in love with photography 10+ years ago I was drawn to shooting landscapes, this quickly became a passion and I set my focus (pun intended) on being the best landscape photographer I could. Over the years I have done quite well, receiving numerous awards for my landscape work and generally achieving what I set out to. As the years passed however my attention wained and I set about expanding my skill set and trying my hand at various other genre’s of photography.

The obvious transition from landscape photography was architecture, a few nice contracts later and I was drifting towards the world of commercial and advertising photography. Again, my work was well received and along the way I managed to score myself runner up emerging advertising photographer of the year, which was pretty cool (even though I live in the secret disappointment of being second best). As you may well have figured out I soon grew weary of the commercial world and decided to give wedding photography a shot (damn pun’s just keep popping up).

I never really set out to be a wedding photographer, but as it turns out I could find my way around a wedding with a camera and I even enjoyed it for a while. Along the way however I have lost sight of why I love photography and what drives me to keep going as a photographer. The past year has presented a great opportunity to look back on my career, where it started and where I would like to head. Although somewhat agonising when couples keep wanting to book me I have come to the conclusion weddings no longer have a place in my future, as such I am no longer taking any further wedding bookings.

Thanks to all the clients I have had along the way, I have learnt so much from all the genres of photography I have worked across, but for now, I must focus on why I fell in love with photography. I will be concentrating on my landscape photography for sale and working to progress such endeavours. Here are a few images taken on a recent birthday trip to NZ, thanks to Catherine for the present, it was an amazing holiday from an amazing person. x

Wedding Photography | Fiona + Dean

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Fiona and Dean. It was an awesome day in all regards! Here are some photographs for your viewing pleasure, I hope you enjoy them. For something different check out some of my long exposure photography.

Mum : 1951 – 2012

DEEP BREATH… Here begins what I can only imagine is to be the most personal blog post I am ever likely to make. I’ve always wanted to start adding some more personal content to my website, to speak of what I am doing, provide insight into who I am, to allow clients and anyone who is interested to gain just a little understanding of my approach towards life. I have always wanted to, but never really gotten around to it. Perhaps it is self righteous to feel anyone may be interested, on the other hand I feel such an important element of photography comes from personal connection. When I feel a personal connection with clients my job is practically done for me, we all drop our guard and the process of capturing someone’s essence, for lack of a better word becomes a mere act of pushing a button.

With that being said I never thought I would see the day I was laying in bed typing this post. What is to follow is really just a cathartic exercise for me, a chance to purge mentally and physically. Physically through the form of tears, shaking and the urge to vomit as I revisit delicate emotions my mind and body has dealt with through the numbing of all emotions, good, bad or otherwise.

In recent times my beautiful mother was taken from me at the all too young age of 60. I speak of the loss that I feel, yet at the same time I feel incredibly sad that she is no longer able to experience the gamut of offerings life may have presented. More of the travel that she loved? Seeing her son get married? Perhaps even becoming a Grandmother? Who knows what the future could have held, whatever it may have been there will always be a void I feel in knowing such experiences are not entirely complete without my mother experiencing them alongside me. But I guess that is the cycle of life, right?

For the past few months of my mothers life she existed almost entirely in a state of hospitalisation as her kidney’s, liver and pancreas went into failure. It is truly horrendous having to watch someone you care so deeply about go through such an awful physical experience. I can only imagine how tough it must have been for her mentally, yet at the same time my mother is the strongest person I have ever known. Physically, by the time of her death her body was bruised and battered from head to toe, her arms purple from the many cannula’s doctors struggled to insert into her tiny and thus difficult veins. Her neck skewed by a cumbersome dialysis catheter and her stomach swollen from fluid buildup which needed constant draining via taps. What was even harder was to see was episodes of confusion and altered consciousness as toxins circulated to her brain. As my protector, my rock, the one person who I knew would always be there for me, without judgement and without question it is a shocking role reversal to see this person become vulnerable and fragile.

For the five years prior to her death my mother went through one hell of a time with illness, on many occasions doctors warned us she may not be walking out of the hospital, yet each time she bounced back and surprised staff with her will and strength. Lymphoma and bowel cancer, fungal pneumonia, golden staph, each nearly taking her life.

The last 3 weeks of my mothers life were spent in intensive care at RPA. She was number one on the transplantation recipient list in NSW, awaiting a donor organ which specialists believed would save her life. This 3 week period was the longest of my life, an emotional roller coaster each time the phone rang… could this be the call we are all waiting for? Has a donor organ become available? It was an odd time, wishing, wanting, hoping an organ would become available, yet at the same time knowing this would mean another person had died and another family was experiencing the turmoil we were. A donor was never found. At 5:07 on a monday evening my mothers heart slowed to it’s last beat. I never really got to say goodbye as she had unexpectedly and quickly slipped into unconsciousness earlier that day.

It’s kind of funny I guess, given the fact that I am a photographer, but I have very few photos of my mum and I, I really wish I had more, but at the same time the couple I have I value so deeply.

Anyway, here are a few photos that work to tell the story of the strongest, most supportive, most loving, clever, honest, down to earth and genuine person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am truly honoured to be a part of this woman and to have been raised the way I was. My father died when I was five, I’m an only child, we lived a modest life yet we had something amazing. We had each other.

This is my mother. Her name is Deborah.

I would do anything to spend just one more minute with her.


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B e   M y   F r i e n d   N   S t t u f f